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Mathematics and ICT

The Mathematics and ICT department is one of the new departments that was crafted from the Science department. It is one of the seven (7) departments in the school, for that matter GES. The department have subjects which includes Core Mathematics, Elective Mathematics, Core ICT and Elective ICT.

The department consists of hard-working and enthusiastic team of twenty-eight (28) permanent teachers; twenty-four (24) males and four (4) females. Twenty-one (21) are teaching Mathematics (17 males and 4 females) and seven (7) strong men teaching ICT.

The department is committed to ensuring that every student in Great APASS achieves his or her potentials in Mathematics and ICT for further studies, world of work and adult life.

The department has over the past few years contributed immensely to the academic excellence of the school through its involvement in the training of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) contestants in the area of mathematics.

Also, in the field of Robotics, our department involvement has been superb in achieving the success stories the school has achieved recently in Robotics competition.